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The feverish urgency of previous albums is pared back to make way for a refreshing ease in both the songwriting and production within Rooster. No double album is complete without a singalong jam like single 'Rooster'. Listen carefully in the bridge for one-of-a-kind backing vocals which Elmore Jones describes as “Adam the human theremin”. Paired with a homemade, lockdown music video featuring Adam Hattaway and his canine bestie, Hanna in their Woolston neighbourhood.

Soulful ballad Waiting For the Chill, was feverishly recorded by Elmore and Adam in under an hour. “We found a demo of this song from the previous year, and we thought it was a cool track. When we heard it back at the end of the sessions, we could barely remember it. For me, this is one of those magic studio moments and partly why it’s my favourite song on the record.”


1. Back In Jail
2. Riding The River 03:47
3. Honor Lee
4. Waiting For The Chill 03:13
5. It's Hard
6. Atlanta
7. The Thing
8. Only Game In Town
9. Keep Walking 03:44
10. Cold Cold Wind
11. Honey Don't Lie
12. It's Too Late
13. I Hardly Exist
14. Blood Moon
15. Don't Touch That Dial
16. Crime Of The Century
17. Whatever This Is
18. Ain't It My Job
19. You Made A Drinking Man
20. Bring My Body Back Home
21. Rooster
22. Iv'ry Town