Crying Lessons




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Crying lessons. What a stupid name. I tried to get my head around it. Was it something the kids were into? Were they trying to trick me? Or was I right and it was really just a stupid name. They tried to explain it to me. Some long winded story why it made sense. I just didn’t think it made any sense at all or remotely related to the music they made. I saw their music as being a direct line from such early R’n’B influences as Them, the Stones early albums. Genre based writing. Some soul touches, some early Beatles. Great stuff. I tried to tell ‘em: “ Hey, call it after a song on the album. Make it easy for people to get into the idea and the music”. Nope those stubborn bastards stolidly insisted on Crying Lessons. They didn’t even reference the story they had told me to justify that dumb name in the liner notes they had written. Like it was made up. They told me their friends liked the name. I tried several times to talk them out of it. But they loved it. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you “Crying Lessons”. Alternate Album titles: I’m Yo Man, She Loves Everyone, Nothing Lasts Forever. I still think it’s a mistake.
- Delaney Davidson

released September 13, 2019