LXXXVIII (Deep Blue Vinyl 2LP)

Deep Blue Vinyl 2LP

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Built around the concept of a chess game, with each song representing a move or a piece, Ninja Tune mainstay Actress, aka Darren Cunningham, returns with his ninth album LXXXVIII. From ambient beats to an almost Gregorian vocal, dancefloor numbers to avant-garde electronics, the songs here represent some of Cunningham's finest work yet. Get in quick for the 3-LP edition, which features the 2020 album 88 in its entirety, previously only available on cassette or streaming. Checkmate! - Flying Out

Actress (Darren Cunningham) — one of the preeminent and most singular voices in UK electronic music returns with new album LXXXVIII, released on 3rd November on Ninja Tune. The conceptual groundwork for the coming album is built on a game of chess, each track named for a particular piece. With each thoughtful move the game grows and develops over time - something we can hear reflected throughout the album’ textured and delicate layers.

The release follows 2022’s mesmerizing Dummy Corporation EP, which placed Actress firmly back in the center of underground club culture. Prior to that his 2020 album Karma & Desire — which saw guest collaborations from Mercury Prize winner Sampha, Zsela and Aura T-09 — received widespread acclaim, with The Guardian commenting the album “cements his place as one of the great poets of club


1. Push Power ( a 1 )
2. Hit That Spdiff ( b 8 )
3. Azd Rain ( g 1 )
4. Memory Haze ( c 1 )
5. Game Over ( e 1 )
6. Typewriter World ( c 8 )
7. Its me ( g 8 )
8. Chill ( h 2 )
9. Green Blue Amnesia Magic Haze ( d 7 )
10. Oway ( f 7 )
11. M2 ( f 8 )
12. Azifiziks ( d 8 )
13. Pluto ( a 2 )

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