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The Giant Crushes You - Flying Out


The Giant Crushes You

Joyful Noise

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With The Giant Crushes You, Abner Trio have created an album that triangulates exactness, rawness and beauty. Nearly 3 years in the making, Abner Trio's second full length is hands-down the most accomplished documentation of their mathy, artsy, honest, and all-around original blend of indie-rock. Boosted by a fearless, punch-you-in-the-face positivity that is both rare and refreshing, Abner Trio mash tumbling guitar lines, bewildering arrangements, and idiot-savant-spoken-word into songs that (amazingly) sound a lot like pop music. Beneath the weirdness, the music of Abner Trio contains an unwavering and highly developed pop-sensibility, brought to the forefront by their densely layered and meticulously arranged vocal melodies. Bothering very little with traditional song structures, Abner seems to allow the songs to move where they're supposed to, lilting and bursting along like a feel-good Sebadoh gorged on Joan of Arc.



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