A Day In My Mind's Mind Volume 5


The journey started in 2005 to chronicle the Kiwi Psychedelic music scene circa 1966-1972. Thirteen years later the trip finally comes to an end with the release of volume 5 in the series A DAY IN MY MIND'S MIND. Volume 5 substantially differs from the previous volumes in that the bulk of these tracks (90%) are either unreleased or appear on CD for the very first time. All the different genres that come under the psychedelic banner feature e.g pop psych, heavy psych, operatic psych, toytown and sunshine pop.


  1. RETALLIATION If You Think You're Groovy***
  2. CABOOSE Little Andy
  3. CELLOPHANE Kentucky Woman***
  4. THE MUSIC CONVENTION Noosa Theme***
  5. THE LATTER RAIN 62nd Street***
  6. NEWTON Steel Sparrow**
  7. THE REBELS Little Fairy Michael
  8. LARRY'S REBELS Looking For A Way**
  9. THE HI REVVING TONGUES Come Back And Love Me
  10. THE SPECTRES My Sun Won't Shine Anymore***
  11. THE NEXT MOVE Go Tell The Sun***
  12. GERRY SWORD Where Has She Gone**
  13. ROBERT GENNARI I Don't Really Care**
  14. HAYDEN WOOD Make Time Stand Still**
  15. THE APPARITION Strange**
  16. THE LATTER RAIN You Look So Beautiful***
  17. CELLOPHANE Mind Patterns**
  18. THE CHALLENGE Reflections Of Charles Brown**
  19. THE NEXT MOVE Sea Of Green***
  20. THE LATTER RAIN Here Come's Another Peasant***
  21. THE PRINCIPALS Lord Lord**
  22. THE MUSIC CONVENTION Country Boy**
  23. THE COSSACKS Rapt**
  24. THE BREW Sunday Telephone***

***denotes unreleased
**denotes first time on CD