Discourse (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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An active proponent of the Tāmaki Makaurau musical underground for the past two decades, Shane Warbrooke has always pushed back against the order of the day. Now, after making a whole lot of noise with bands like The Bemsha Swing, Climate Change, and 1000, he's delivering the ultimate mic drop by quite literally dropping the mic from his music. A Crude Mechanical is Warbrooke's one-man-band for the apocalypse era, a lone wolf instrumental orchestra-for-one inspired by watching the co-opting of revolutionary messaging by alt-right chumps, and realising - in his own words - "there's no point in having lyrics anymore".  Discourse is the debut A Crude Mechanical long-player, with brooding drum-machine ambience that explodes into soaring guitar moments, bowed strings, and hypnotic rhythms. It's time for our post-post-rock moment, and A Crude Mechanical is our leader! - Flying Out

Discourse" is the debut album of A Crude Mechanical. A Crude Mechanical is the debut solo project of long term Auckland noisenik Shane Warbrooke (The Bemsha Swing / Climate Change / several other way too underground bands). Shane Warbrooke is the debut child of Glenda Warbrooke. Mixing trip hop, shoegaze, noise, modern classical, and post punk, Discourse is an instrumental adventure in using the electric guitar wrong. Each song was initially recorded as a live performance, with parts looped, sampled, and manipulated on the fly before being further abused in mid tier recording software. 


1: I Have Become Discourse
2: Another Destroyer of Words
3: And Now the Artifice Is the Art
4: The Choir Bays in Binary
5: And We Bleed Metrics
6: When
7: All We Need Is
8: A Decoration of Moments

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