Tastes Like Freedom: Remixed

Vinyl 12" (Magenta)

30/70 and Rhythm Section team up once more to deliver their most ambitious remix package to date. Callouts to friends and family of the label and collective offered up a selection of some of the most exciting electronic music producers in the scene and the fruits of the collaboration have arrived. The remix package continues 30/70’s practise of rebirthing their music in a contemporary club sound but this time takes that intention a step further, veering into unexpected and more experimental territory for the band, calling in a new era for their musical endeavours.


  1. Tastes Like Freedom (Original Mix) 
  2. Tastes Like Freedom (Radio Edit)
  3. Tastes Like Freedom (Chaos In The CBD Remix) 
  4. Tastes Like Freedom (Carista Remix) 
  5. Tastes Like Freedom (Tornado Wallace Red Face Mix) 
  6. Tastes Like Freedom (Yu Su Midnight Blossom Remix)