Lazy Bones!!

Vinyl LP
Part of Now-Again’s Zambian Archival Reissue series, this LP (and digital) release covers Zamrock legends WITCH’s third album. Packaged in an exact duplication of the original Zambian issue of this album, WITCH’s unique blend of American and UK hard rock and psychedelia and native Zambian folk rhythms and melodies shines through in this, their masterpiece.


  1. Black Tears 
  2. Motherless Child 
  3. Tooth Factory 
  4. Strange Dream 
  5. Look Out 
  6. Havoc 
  7. October Night 
  8. Off Ma Boots 
  9. Lazy Bones 
  10. Little Clown 
  11. Talking Universe 
  12. Evil Woman 
  13. Sweet Sixteen 
  14. Toloka 
  15. 81st Crowd Confusion 
  16. Up The Sky