Big Crown Records presents Crown Jewels Vol. 3 (Vinyl LP)

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From the eclectic productions of El Michels Affair to the vintage grooves of Aussie outfit Surprise Chef, the falsetto folk soul of Holy Hive to the cinematic imaginations of The Shacks, the acts of Big Crown Records are united by a dedication to a lush sound, pristine production, and unforgettable tunes. Thank goodness, then, that you can get a healthy dose of everything the label has to offer with this latest installation in the Crown Jewels series. Throw in some Finnish soul, German steel band goodness, Indonesian jazz-pop, and formidable hip-hop lyricism, and you've got yourself a stacked selection indeed. - Flying Out

Big Crown is proud to present Crown Jewels Vol. 3.

"As we are approaching seven years as a label these compilations have given us an opportunity to put the different artists on the label together on the same release. These compilations are something of a calling card for the "Big Crown Sound" where we get to put the most well established next to the newest on the roster and through that paint a picture of the overall ethos of the label. It's been extremely satisfying for us when the fans of one Big Crown artist discover another one because they are label mates.

We put out these Crown Jewels comps with the hope that it will continue that process. Even though not all BCR artists can be found in the same aisle of the record store, after listening to Crown Jewels Vol. 3, it should be clear how they all fit on the same record label. When we started Big Crown we wanted to have a label that's only boundaries were defined by our taste, not by genre. Seven years later, we can say we have been able to do that. There is a sound, but that sound stretches into a lot of different directions, but that sound is uniquely ours.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far and please stay tuned as we continue pushing our sound and putting out tunes we believe in."

- Big Crown Records


1. El Michels Affair & Black Thought – Grateful
2. Bobby Oroza - The Otherside
3. Surprise Chef – Velodrome
4. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - The Healer
5. Synthia Feat. Claire Cottrill - So Low
6. Lady Wray - Joy & Pain (Pete Rock Remix)
7. Holy Hive - Ain’t That The Way
8. Les Imprimés - Love & Flowers
9. El Michels Affair - Things Done Changed
10. The Shacks - Trip To Japan
11. Thee Marloes - Beri Cinta Waktu
12. El Michels Affair Meets Liam Bailey - Awkward (Take 2)