808s & Heartbreak (Reissue)

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Conceived in the wake of several distressing personal events, 808s & Heartbreak marked a major musical departure from West's previous rap records, instead featuring a sparse, electronic sound and West singing through an Auto-Tune vocal processor. His lyrics explore themes of loss, alienated fame, and heartache, while the album's production abandons conventional hip hop sounds in favor of a minimalist sonic palette. 808s & Heartbreak has since been cited as a prominent influence on subsequent hip hop, pop, and R&B music, as a new wave of rappers, singers, and producers came to adopt aspects of its style and thematic content.


1. Say You Will
2. Welcome to Heartbreak (featuring Kid Cudi)
3. Heartless
4. Amazing (featuring Young Jeezy)
5. Love Lockdown
6. Paranoid (featuring Mr Hudson)
7. RoboCop
8. Street Lights
9. Bad News
10. See You in My Nightmares (featuring Lil Wayne) ColdestWinter
11. Pinocchio Story (Freestyle Live from Singapore) (hidden track)