Wammo (Reissue)

Vinyl LP (Flourescent Orange Vinyl)

Wammo’s original session reels were dug up, baked, transferred and remastered for a refreshed vinyl reissue — the first time back on vinyl in 25 years, and the first time ever for Flying Nun Records.

Since 1987, Bailter Space have released some of the most compelling and innovative albums, EPs and singles of the late post-punk era. Revered as one of the loudest and most intense live bands of all-time, Bailter Space befittingly left behind their previous modus operandi of multi-layering and tracking, and instead recorded the takes live in studio; the result was Wammo, which was welcomed into our vinyl and CD collections in 1995, via both Matador and Flying Nun Records


  1. Untied
  2. Splat
  3. At Five We Drive
  4. Zapped
  5. Colours
  6. Retro
  7. Glimmer
  8. Voltage
  9. D Thing
  10. Wammo