Lament for the Numb (Reissue)

Vinyl LP



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Now this is an exciting reissue, marking thirty years since a release that almost didn't happen. Recorded in Hollywood with the production team of Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake (who have both worked notably with Crowded House), and featuring the rhythm section of Elvis Costello's Attractions, Lament For The Numb was allegedly called "unreleasable" by the label at the time. Thankfully, Sir Dobbo persisted and we were gifted one of his less immediate but most artistically rewarding releases to date. Remastered and reissued at last, this feels like a lesser told side to story of this legend, one well worth immersing yourself in - Flying Out

Lament for the Numb was first released in 1993, described by Sir Dave as an incredibly artistic and cathartic record, one that ‘leaves the listener with some work to do – conjuring your own images, perceiving a harmony that is hinted at and not overstated’. The album was recorded and mixed in Hollywood by legendary American producer Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake with bassist and drummer Bruce and Pete Thomas from Elvis Costello's Attractions and Froom on keyboards. Featuring some of Sir Dave’s most brilliant work, Lament for the Numb – remastered for its 30th Anniversary – would go on to produce some of his undeniable classic and beloved tracks. ‘I arrived in LA as it still smouldered from the Rodney King riots of 1992. The air was thick with fear and the locals were in shock. I’ve always felt that the world will end on a fine day in LA. The riots seemed to have heightened that kind of dread. I decided to write and did so with fervour in a motel room off Hollywood Boulevard, hyper aware that more mayhem may erupt at any time. With all that as a background however, and with my handful of songs, I got to work with the great Mitchell Froom to produce Lament for the Numb....’


  1. Lament for the Numb
  2. Falling off a Log
  3. Belle of the Ball
  4. The Expert
  5. Palace
  6. Bring the House Down
  7. Buried in the Backyard
  8. Maybe the Rain
  9. Bell Tower
  10. Love Over All
  11. Don’t Hold Your Breath