Jazz from the Underground Nightclubs of Aotearoa Vol. 5

Vinyl LP



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Finally, jazz as the devil intended! With a line-up that can only have been forged in Hades (well, Wellington actually) itself, including veteran avant-jazz drummer Anthony Donaldson, bassist Tom Callwood, percussive polymath Cory Champion, Orchestra Of Spheres frontman Daniel Beban, hornmen Steve Roche and Blair Latham, as well as on... bass banjo?!... David Donaldson, the Devils Gate Outfit keep it unpredictable, adventurous, and thrilling on this essential live recording - Flying Out

Pōneke’s Devils Gate Outfit has been thrilling audiences for the past 3 years with their unique blend of jazz composition, sonic exploration, improvisation and deep grooves. Featuring a lineup of some of Wellington’s most prolific and experienced improvising musicians who, through their longstanding residency at premiere venue Meow, have cultivated a dedicated regular audience which has followed them into becoming the most original and adventurous jazz band in the city. The album was recorded live in concert at Meow in September 2021, directly after New Zealand’s second Covid lockdown and features compositions inspired by Wellington’s rugged and volatile South coast.

  1. Storm of the Century
  2. Gannet Dives
  3. Spooky Creek
  4. Wood Drift 
  5. Rogue Wave