Respect The Process

Vinyl LP
#1 Flying Out favourite albums of 2021

"Riding high at #1 is an album that very nearly didn't happen. There's a triumphant feel to Team Dynamite's Respect the Process that in no small part is due to the group facing down their demons and coming out on top. Out on Tom Scott's Years Gone By label, this is another stunning moment for hip-hop in Aotearoa hip-hop!"

Tāmaki Makaurau rap geniuses Team Dynamite make an explosive return with their new record Respect the Process – their first long player since 2014’s Shepherd’s Delight – released on Tom Scott’s label Years Gone By

Team Dynamite formed in the late 2000s after aspiring teenage MCs Lucky Lance and Tony Teez decided to take hip hop beyond their weekend freestyle sessions at a local park. An introduction to producer Haz Beats provided the beats they were missing, and suddenly Team Dynamite was a legitimate group, building a reputation for dance floor friendly hip hop.

The group became mainstays of the Young Gifted & Broke collective. “This album captures our bounce back from adversity. It is the result of us working through the hard times together and using music as our group therapist” says Lucky Lance.

Haz Beats explains the raw emotion of creating the new album. “I had to turn the music up to drown out what the world was saying about us at one stage. Every song was a chance to reset the wrongs and let those feelings bleed through our music.”

Respect the Process features a stellar cast of special guests – including singer-songwriter Louis Baker, rapper Diggy Dupe and soulstress Bailey Wiley. Whether you're after a mellow jam or something to groove to, Team Dynamite are bringing the heat.


  1. Images
  2. Gladys
  3. Principle
  4. Lightning Bolt ft Bailey Wiley
  5. I Like That
  6. Island Songs
  7. Who? ft Diggy Dupe
  8. The Reason
  9. Dragon Fruit ft Louis Baker
  10. Goodbye