Take Me To Your Leader (Reissue) (Red Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP (Red Colour Vinyl)

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*Limited Edition Red Vinyl Version*

Take Me to Your Leader is the second studio album by British-American MC and producer MF Doom released under the alias King Geedorah on Big Dada  a hip-hop imprint of Ninja Tune.

Take Me to Your Leader is a hip-hop classic. It is the perfect musical achievement between Nas’ Illmatic and Dr. Octagon’s Dr. Octagonacologyst.

Take Me to Your Leader will excite you in a way most hip-hop projects just aren't able: It's not straining for credibility nor putting effort into being revelatory; it just is. Everyone involved got their kicks making this record, and the enthusiasm drips off the vinyl. - Pitchfork 


1. Fazers 
2. Fastlane
3. Krazy World
4. The Final Hour
5. Monster Zero
6. Next Levels 
7. No Snakes Alive 
8. Anti-Matter
9. Take Me To Your Leader 
10. Lockjaw 
11. I Wonder 
12. One Smart Nigger

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