Run It Back

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Sophie's staff pick "Love the honesty in Tom's lyrics on this new album. Haz's beats are on fire and the R & B edge is potent new territory"

Until very recently, the prospect of there being any kind of Home Brew reunion was wishful thinking. With Tom moving on new pastures with Avantdale Bowling Club, our wildest dreams were of a reissue campaign, and recently we got just that. Even with a handful of headline shows and upcoming festival dates scheduled, fewer still could have foreseen a brand new album on the near horizon, but that's exactly what we're getting. 

Harry 'Haz Beats' Huavi and Tom Scott present Run It Back, accompanied by title track single, it's arriving sooner than you think - just in time for Christmas, kids! With a title that references the notion of learning from your mistakes, hitting reset, and starting again from scratch but with new wisdom and the power of hindsight. As usual, Tom Scott puts it better... "It’s like a shot at redemption. You coulda got smacked 11-nill, but if you call ‘run it back’ then you start the game again from 0. You keep the same team, same rules, but you get a do-over. And if you’re lucky you might have learned something from the last game." - Flying Out

  1. Run It Back
  2. Drinking In The Morning
  3. Mum’s Stash
  4. Holding On feat. Lui Tuiasau, Rizván & Shiraz
  5. Dole Day Interlude
  6. Probably
  7.  80 Down Scenic
  8. Questions
  9. Dragons & Rhinoceroses
  10. Tears Gone Dry
  11. Run It Back Again ** Bonus Track