Home Brew (Reissue) (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP



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If this isn't the one you've been waiting for, you haven't been waiting for ANYTHING. Released over a decade ago, this game changing double album from Tom, Lui, and Haz still sounds as fresh and formidable after all these years gone by, but has been out of print more or less ever since. Featuring big tunes like Alcoholic, Datura / White Flowers, Basketball Court, and political anti-anthem Listen To Us, Home Brew is finally, FINALLY back in the hands of the makers, and getting a massive vinyl and CD reissue. The album landed at number one on the national charts at the time, and they've only become more legendary since - this is massive! - Flying Out

  1. Dedicated to (Intro)
  2. Benefit
  3. Alcoholic
  4. Yellow Snot Funk
  5. Datura/White Flowers (Featuring Lui Tuiasau)
  6. Everybody (Featuring Lui Tuiasau and Lucky Lance)
  7. Last Day
  8. Time Don’t Wait
  9. Basketball Court (Featuring Esther Stephens)
  10. Radio
  11. Radio Outro
  12. Dark Intro
  13. State of Mind
  14. Plastic Magic (Featuring Esther Stephens)
  15. The Truth Is Ugly
  16. 55 Stories
  17. Listen To Us (Featuring Tourettes, Esther Stephens and Matthew Crawley)
  18. Good God (Featuring Tyna Keelan and Hollie Smith)
  19. Bourbon & Coke
  20. Fungi/Absence (Featuring Lui Tuiasau)
  21. Space (Featuring Esther Stephens)