Navigator (Reissue) (Green Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP (Emerald Green)
This iconic album celebrates its twentieth anniversary with a limited edition emerald green coloured vinyl.

When Che Fu dropped his second album in 2001 he brought forth tracks that would go on to become Kiwi classics. With Navigator, Che took hip hop to the masses, crossing genres and mixing Polynesian sounds with reggae, hip hop and soul.  On its release the album debuted at number one in the New Zealand charts and stayed in the top 50 for just over a year.


  1. Misty Frequencies
  2. Catch One
  3. Random
  4. Share The Info
  5. The Abyss
  6. Interlude 1
  7. Top Floor
  8. Hold Tight
  9. He Kotahi (As One)
  10. Full Immersion
  11. The Mish
  12. Fade Away