Working Class Woman


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Marie Davidson arrives on Ninja Tune with her vital new album Working Class Woman, a vividly important document that expresses both her state of mind and acts as a comment on the night after night, nightclub culture of which her music has consistently expanded the horizon of, all cut through a pitch-perfect new beat/EBM/techno workout…

Working Class Woman is the Montreal-based electronic performer and producer’s fourth and most self-reflective record: it’s a document of her state of mind, of operating within the spheres of dance music and club culture. Drawing on those experiences, as well as an array of writers, thinkers and filmmakers who’ve influenced her. She takes the same building blocks as before but knocks them together into something bolder. Crafting a more timeless sound than she’s done previously, it’s the logical next step for a career built on a far-reaching worldview.

Marie Davidson’s voice is one of the biggest pleasures in contemporary electronic music. French accented, often drily amused and given to declarations, rants and snatches of internal monologue, she continues the grand style of talky electro on from the likes of Miss Kittin.

This super strong selection is sure to take pride of place within the collections and listening habits of anyone into DFA, Not Waving (with whom Marie Davidson recently collaborated), Regis and SOPHIE.


1. Your Biggest Fan 
2. Work It 
3. The Psychologist 
4. Lara 
5. Day Dreaming 
6. The Tunnel 
7. Workaholic Paranoid Bitch
8. So Right
9. Burn Me 
10. La chambre intérieure

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