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Prepare yourself for a sonic janglestorm with kiwi supergroup Water’s forthcoming album Supa; a project of luscious, mood-heavy soundscapes for your brain and your anxious heart. Recorded, mixed and mastered with Stephan Marr (Doprah, Kane Strang), the 8 track full length chugs through glorious melodic moments and memorable songwriting highs.

Supa is set for independent release on September 6 via Flying Out. To celebrate the release, Flying Out have joined with Hallertau Brewery to press an extra special run of vinyl, featuring Water’s first EP Enjoy as the B Side - a double whammy of goodness!

Water is comprised of members from numerous beloved kiwi outfits, featuring Oscar Davies-Kay (Rackets), Vince Nairn (Rackets), Rikki Sutton (Eyes No Eyes, Couchmaster), Mike Ellis (Surf City, The Nightshades, No Aloha), Mason Fairey (The Pleasure Majenta, The Naenae Express, BoZo), Joel BB (The Mint Chicks) and Elliot Lawless (Greenfog).