Vanessa 77

Vinyl LP

After some extremely promising EPs and singles, New Zealand vocalist, musician and producer Vanessa Worm unveils her debut album "Vanessa 77", released through JD Twitch's Optimo Music imprint. Ostensibly a collection of experimental folk, post-punk, jungle, electro and psychedelic synth-pop, "Vanessa 77" unfolds with something closer to the logic of a dream, or an inward passage though the subconscious mind. Within this atmosphere, the albums twelve songs hang together around Vanessa's shape-shifting voice - which can take the form of a gentle lilt or an expressive snarl, anarchistic, soothing, and always ready to slip away from codification at the last moment.

The musical landscapes Vanessa places her voice within range from delicate, pastoral guitars to frantic breakbeat sculptures, with acid-washed synths and moments of krautrock/kosmische musik filling up the spaces in between. After kicking things off with some ethereal lounge experiments on "144" and "123", Vanessa takes us down the rabbit hole with "Bones and Blood", a hallucinogenic blend of psychedelic-folk and whispered incantations, with a mid-tempo drum machine pulse. From there, she's away, launched into a breakneck voyage through genre, style and sound. Death and a rebirth from the old into the new. This one is worth spending some time with.


A1 144
A2 Cave of Creation
A3 Heaven To Hell
A4 Bones And Blood
A5 123
B1 In Heaven We Are
B2 Cold Hard Blues
B3 0000
B4 Tiny Revolutions
B5 Satisfaction