Skyway Soul: Gary, Indiana (Opaque Blue & White Swirl Vinyl 2LP)

Opaque Blue & White Swirl Vinyl 2LP

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Home to the largest steel mill in the U.S. of A, Gary, Indiana also birthed the Jackson 5, so it only makes sense that Numero should shine a light on the molten hot melange of soulful activity that came from there. Mercifully skipping over any ABCs or blaming it on the boogie, the focus here is on the acts that didn't make it quite so big, including the likes of The New Day, El Anthony, Nate Evans, Sky's The Limit, and plenty more. Clocking in at twenty-one of the best tunes the crate diggers at Numero could unearth, Skyway Soul is another essential volume in this remarkable regional soul compilation series. - Flying Out

A sonic snapshot of America's steel capital, developed in the prosperous cavern between the departure of the Jackson 5 to Motown and the collapse of U.S. Steel, Skyway Soul is a love letter to Gary, Indiana. Featuring The New Day, El Anthony, Nate Evans, Sky's The Limit, Wilton Crump, Lost Weekend, General Lee, Krash Band, Billy Foster & Audio, I.N.D., and Junei, this double album collects 21 lost songs from the southern-most tip of Lake Michigan. Housed in a deluxe tip-on gatefold jacket, with a 16-page booklet crammed with photos, ephemera, and an in-depth essay from Jake Austen, Skyway Soul connects the dots between The Spaniels, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Gibbs. Don't forget to pay the toll.


  1. The Newday - Wait A Minute Girl
  2. El Anthony - I Want To Be Together With You
  3. Nate Evans - Main Squeeze
  4. El Anthony - Sweet Jo-Ann
  5. Sky's The Limit - Don't Be Afraid
  6. Nate Evans & Mean Green - The Look On Your Face
  7. Wilton Crump - Give Your Love To Me
  8. Lost Weekend - The Bridge of Love
  9. Wilton Crump - Think It Through
  10. The Krash Band - So I Can Make This Change
  11. El Anthony - We've Been In Love Too Long
  12. General Lee & Lost Weekend - Trouble
  13. General Lee - Pleasure
  14. Billy Foster - I Need Your Love
  15. Into New Dimensions - Stay Sweet
  16. General Lee - Magic
  17. Junei' - Let's Ride
  18. Into New Dimensions - You Just Be You
  19. Billy Foster - Night Music
  20. Into New Dimensions - Everybody Likes To Do It
  21. General Lee & The Space Army Band - We Did It Baby (Part 1)

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