Finds You Well


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As tongue-in-cheek as the title may appear, the phrase has haunted the
producer for some time. Most often seen at the start of correspondence,
the words “I hope this email finds you well” can land with varying levels of
sincerity, depending on context and mood. Khotin-Foote started to read
the line more ominously during the onset of the pandemic. So, this set of
music winks at both possibilities, mixing a platitude’s opaque optimism
with lurking uncertainty.

Finds You Well can be heard in near-symmetrical halves: its 10 tracks
represent the selections from a bounty of demos that, with less modes- ty, could have filled two records, one active and the other ambient. The
resulting set isn’t an even split but it’s close. The A-side centers on the
album’s steadiest sequence of beat-centric material. “Ivory Tower” is
inextricably tied to benchmarks set by late ‘90s downtempo forerunners,
spilling lucious and narcotic synth modulations across a sprinkler’s spray
of breakbeats. Khotin’s sprightly melodic noodling brings that touchstone
sound into vogue, bubbling up in free-form spurts. The sequence contin- ues through the propulsive “Heavyball,” into “Groove 32,” which begins
with a funky bit-clipped drum and bongo boogie. A tight bass-line plugs
into place, building a grid for square-wave pads, shimmering melodic
textures, and stuttering vocal samples to percolate in.

Khotin’s tone stabilizes on the B-side, balancing decidedly bucolic terrain
with suspiciously eerie melancholy. Voices wander in the sprawling fre- quency sweeps. Organic textures sizzle and sputter in the clouds. “WEM
Lagoon Jump” references local West Edmonton folklore, the time a kid
jumped from a shopping mall’s second-floor balcony into the main pa- vilion’s fountain. After the splash, we land in the record’s most satisfying
stasis, “Your Favorite Building.” A brittle clave and muffled kick hover
in a wobbly mist of organ chords; the building is gorgeous, but seen
at night, and empty, and from this angle, those shadows seem to crop
up more of those subdued tremors, those nostalgic creeps, those droll
musings. From behind a wall of melody, a kid peeks their head and softly
sings, “you must love the world because it’s wonderful" 


01. Processing
02. Ivory Tower
03. Heavyball
04. Groove 32
05. Outside In The Light
06. Lucky Egg
07. WEM Lagoon Jump
08. Your Favourite Building
09. Shopping List
10. My Toan
11. So Peacemaker (Cassette Exclusive)