What's Growing

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What’s Growing is the second album by Wurld Series, an indie rock band from Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch is a city home to a strong DIY music ethic, traceable back to the beginning of labels such as Flying Nun and Xpressway. Wurld Series have been at the forefront of a continuation of this approach since the mid 2010’s, and are known locally for their skewed pop sensibility and lo-fi production aesthetic.

The songs contained in What's Growing are submerged within reeling guitar, hypnotic mellotron and meditative drones. Lyrical themes include post apocalyptic living, extraterrestrial visitation, TV game show monsters and the workplace as a dreamlike medieval dystopia. At times traces of Tall Dwarfs or The 3Ds can be heard. More obvious American 90’s indie rock influences are also evident, alongside a clear strain of unsettling, pastoral British psych folk that runs throughout the album. What's Growing is a compact statement of intent; a collage of full-noise indie rock recordings and minimal, psychedelic, and homespun artefacts.


  1. Harvester
  2. Nap Gate
  3. Supplication
  4. Moved In
  5. Distant Business
  6. To The Recruiting Officer
  7. World Beating System
  8. Growing (For Now)
  9. Grey Men
  10. I See
  11. Eliminator
  12. Moaning Future Times
  13. Feeling Crushed
  14. Moat
  15. Eighteenth Giant Brother