'Scuse These Bloos (Limited Blue Vinyl LP)

Limited Blue Vinyl LP

American record producer, conductor, arranger, and artist Quincy Jones teams up with Clifford Brown and Art Farmer, both on trumpet, along with Swedish musicians to perform 10 tracks originally recorded in 1953 in Stockholm, Sweden. The album 'Scuse These Bloos features original compositions by Quincy Jones such as Stockholm Sweetnin', the title track 'Scuse These Bloos, Pogo Stick, next to jazz interpretations of Falling In Love With Love (from the Musical Comedy The Boys From Syracuse) written by Rodgers and Hart and more tracks.


1. Stockholm Sweetnin’
2. ‘Scuse These Bloos - Take 1
3. ‘Scuse These Bloos - Take 2
4. Falling In Love With Love
5. Lover Come Back To Me - Take 1
6. Lover Come Back To Me - Take 2
7. Pogo Stick
8. Liza
9. Jones’ Bones
10. Sometimes I’m Happy