Diamonds and Freaks (Amber Vinyl 2LP)

Amber Vinyl 2LP



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Diamonds and Freaks is the second studio album from producer/artist/visionary, BLK Odyssy. Following up the critically acclaimed debut album, BLK Vintage, Diamonds and Freaks is a concept album that tells the story of a man enslaved by his lustful addictions. The record is presented as an erotic novel by Keisha Plum with narration by Bootsy Collins, both of whom offer a stark contradiction to the vivid and edgy content of the songs.

The record contains elements of soul, hip-hop, and pop—seamlessly blended to create a fresh and distinct sound true to BLK Odyssy. Diamonds and Freaks showcases BLK Odyssy's talent for crafting colourful characters and vivid scenes to tell stories through music. The 15 track masterpiece features appearances by Cory Henry, Bootsy Collins, KIRBY, Rapsody, Eimaral Sol, Grace Sorensen, STOUT, and The Alchemist.


1. Dopamine & Hennessy
2. Ms Sweet Tea
3. Summer In The Rain
4. Adam & Eve (Feat. Cory Henry)
5. Honeysuckle Neckbone (Feat. Bootsy Collins)
6. You Gotta Man (Feat. Kirby)
7. Odee
8. Diamonds & Freaks
9. Judas & The Holy Mother Of Stank
10. Pink Marmalade
11. Broke Folk
12. Ephesians
13. Let Me Go
14. Orange Wine
15. Let It Grow