Dead Eyes EP

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Five years of mucking about in their own rock'n'roll swill, brought together after the demise of two previous combos, the BLOODY SOULS and the DIRTBAGS, four stoopidly tall practitioners of the scraping of electric guitar strings and the smacking  of brassy metal and plastic skins, have finally started spitting tangible relics of their activities into thee universe under the moniker BLOODBAGS.
This Friday 15th September, sees the loose local rock’n’roll rowdies play the Whammy main room with Blazing Shade and Roy Irwin’s Piss in celebration of their 7” EP release Dead Eyes, and ahead of their 16 date US tour.

The EP features two snappy originals and a slow burn cover of Sweden's 1990s Stooge-heavy Union Carbide Productions' "Cartoon Animal".