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The greatest underground band of your lifetime reissue the all mighty Dread on the band’s own Lower Floor label, the 2001 magnum opus meeting of minds that could have only come from the vanguard of noise that is John 'Inzane' Olson, Nate Young and Aaron Dilloway's Wolf Eyes.

Desert Of Glue / Wretched Hog is sort of like Tago Mago for the Mego generation, a rather rambunctious noise/dub job that sounds like Suicide jamming with The Fall when they started experimenting with drum & bass and acid house rhythms.

Dread is basically the best weirdo record you could ever hope to stumble across and if you do not kick the turntable over and smash the amplifier in a blind rage within 30 seconds of the needle hitting the groove, then my friend you can officially count yourself as hooked for life.

Necessary reissue of this crucial side by the greatest underground band of your lifetime. Still sounds like nothing else.David Keenan (The Wire)