El Capitan

A few words from Will about the album:

“These things started years ago at a friends dining room table in Oregon. They built up on desert drives, in hotel bathrooms, in casino bars, and on trail runs. They mortared together into something sensible (to me) over time. Some songs are quite old, and some are pandemic-new. It feels like we’re at the mercy of nature now more than ever, and the quiet of this time seemed right enough to make this record. I took a hundred dollar Stella guitar to my friend, Britton’s. We spent 3 days, distanced, building, avoiding old habits, drinking Tecates, and moving steadily. Our friends Thor and Lindsey contributed beautifully, from afar. There’s tape hiss and imperfections, and expected joy in the act of making something new. Thanks, WJ”


  1. Teruel 
  2. Los Cuervos 
  3. Goodbye, Absecon 
  4. Bloody Boxer 
  5. El Capitán 
  6. Bricks To Block The Raid 
  7. I Am Back At The Window Again 
  8. Dear To The Assassin 
  9. Trouble 
  10. Ocean/Sea 
  11. Inclined 
  12. St. Anthony's