Notes From a Quiet Life (Vinyl LP, Mint Green)

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Vinyl LP (Mint Green)



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Whether you know him from being “the guys who did the Portlandia theme song” or from their decade’s worth of melodies and mellow ditties, Washed Out - aka Ernest Weatherly Greene Jr - is a name that carries a lot of respect in the wild world of indie. Once dubbed “the godfather of Chillwave” by Pitchfork, these days   Out would be more likely to give you a chill wave as he churns out some of the finest slow-toe-tapping tunes you’ll hear this side of the Seattle airport. New album Notes From a Quiet Life is a poptastic evolution for the Washed Out sound! - Flying Out

The music of Washed Out has always levitated over a timeless frontier. You can sense it in his immersive, amorphous vocals, the expansive soundscapes, the wistful storytelling. It’s a sweet spot where, says its creative force, Ernest Greene, “any sort of association or memory from the past can transport you instantly. I love that.”

Greene’s transcendent output has earned him the moniker of “Godfather of Chillwave” by Pitchfork and a co-sign from Portlandia, which borrowed his track, “Feel It All Around,” for its utopian theme song. His latest, Notes From a Quiet Life (out June 28, Sub Pop) arrives after delivering more than a decade of distinct and disparate creative re-imaginations at a remarkably high level (five albums, two EPs). Notes is bold in its intuitiveness: Greene has left the treadmill of music-as-a-business, instead letting his artistic interests lead the way. “Each album,” says Green, who also paints and sculpts, “is a world-building exercise.”


Waking Up
Say Goodbye
Got Your Back
The Hardest Part
A Sign
Second Sight
Running Away
Wait On You
Wondrous Life
Letting Go


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