From The Dirt

Vinyl 2LP

The former Slum Village member & Dirt Tech Reck label founder's 'From The Dirt' is true to his hometown’s diverse, deeply rooted legacy, with elements of R&B, funk, and soul informing its four-to-the-floor house bounce. What more can I say- it's magic.
 - Hunter

From the Dirt, which follows a recent run of 12”s for Waajeed’s own Dirt Tech Reck, is similarly primed to bridge the divide. The album’s 10 tracks borrow liberally from R&B, hip-hop, funk, disco, and soul, the elements jostling for attention under the watchful eye of house music’s four-to-the-floor pulse. The drums on “My Father's Rhythm” have the shuffling hip-hop swing that fellow Slum Village alumnus J Dilla brought to his beats, while the P-funk synth and corporeal bass throb on “I Ain’t Safe” bring R&B’s musical palette to house.


  1. From the Dirt
  2. After You Left
  3. Things About You ft. Zo! (Instrumental)
  4. Make It Happen ft. Cjay Hill
  5. I Ain't Safe ft. Ideeyah
  6. Power In Numbers
  7. I Just Wanna Tell
  8. Too Afraid ft. Lulu
  9. My Father's Rhythm ft. DeSean Jones
  10. Strength ft. Ideeyah