Hallelujah All The Way Home

Flying Nun


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The Verlaines 1985 debut album, Hallelujah - All the Way Home defined both the Dunedin band's style and the 'Flying Nun sound'. Grounded in songwriter Graeme Downes innate and inventive sense of melody, at the heart of these 8 songs are magnificent tales of drunkards and romantics all punctuated by guitar blasts and instrumental flourishes. Re-issued in its' original gatefold format along with a replica album release poster from the time.

All tracks have been remastered and each LP includes a digital download.

PLEASE NOTE: The re-mastered re-issue is only available on 12" LP and digital. The CD version is the 2010 re-issue.


Artist: Verlaines
Title: Hallelujah All The Way Home
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1985
Cat #: FNCD040
Formats: LP, CD, Cassette + Digital
Recorded: At Mascot Studios, May-June 1985. Engineered by Phil Yule.Performed by Graeme Downes, Jane Dodd, Robert Yeats.Backing Vocals Barbara Gilmore, Cello Pamela Gray, Clarinet Sarah Shieff, Cover Charles Stone, French Horn John Ure.

Track List:

  1. It Was Raining
  2. All Laid On
  3. The Lady and the Lizard
  4. Don't Send Me Away
  5. Lying in State
  6. Phil Too?
  7. For The Love of Ash Grey
  8. The Ballad of Harry Noryb