Time To Go

Flying Nun

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Time To Goexplores the early history of Flying Nun from 1981-86, a heroic period of lo-tech recording, handmade covers and extended play 45s.

Rather than being simply a greatest hits from this period, the compilation brings together a collection of tracks from key South Island bands that were active during that time. Researched and compiled by Bruce Russell (Dead C),Time To Gofeatures songs from the likes ofThe Clean,Tall Dwarfs,The ChillsandSneaky Feelings, as well bands that may not have been as prolific but have influenced countless musicians both from New Zealand and overseas since.

What really connects this music and sets it apart from much that was happening elsewhere at the time was that it was in a real sense out of time connecting broadly with the psychedelic tradition of the 1960s. Something that cut across bands as diverse as theGordons,and The Puddle: bands that saw a chance to wind back the clock and pick up again in 1967, and make it bad.

It is pop music that went beyond this, aspired to make or say something more, something real. 30 years on it still does, and captures a feeling that things had to change. It was asThe Cleansang time to go.

"The whole compilation was sparked by an epiphany I had while listening to 'Russian Rug' in 2006. I suddenly thought that the whole 'psychedelic 60s vibe' that was so prevalent in all those bands had never been made the guiding thread of a compilation, and that to do that would be a great way to articulate something they shared in common at that time. It was a common touchstone that also defined their diversity, because they all responded to that influence in such varied ways."- Bruce Russell.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Time To Go. The Southern Psychedelic Moment: 1981-86
Label: Flying Nun Records
Catalog Number: FN514
Formats: Digital
Year: 2012

Track List:

  1. The Pin Group - Jim
  2. The Clean - In The Back
  3. Playthings - Sit Down
  4. The Gordons - I Just Can't Stop
  5. The Builders - Russian Rag
  6. Victor Dimisich Band - It's Cold Outside
  7. Tall Dwarfs - Clover
  8. The Chills - Flamethrower
  9. 25 Cents - Don't Deceive Me
  10. The Stones - Down and Around
  11. The Great Unwashed - Obscurity Blues
  12. Sneaky Feelings - Not To Take Sides
  13. Scorched Earth Policy - Since The Accident
  14. The Shallows - Trail By Separation
  15. Look Blue Go Purple - As Does The Sun
  16. The Puddle - Junk
  17. Max Block - Psychic Discharge
  18. Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos - Rain
  19. Double Happys - Some Fantasy
  20. The Rip - Wrecked Wee Hymn


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