Snockument - Songs by Michael Hurley

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This long-mooted project has been produced in close collaboration with Michael Hurley, who selected and sequenced the 10 tracks from a large number of contributions. Some tunes were recorded specially for the occasion (Calexico, Cass McCombs, The Hackles, dbh and Little Sue) while others were picked up along the way (Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, The Chicken Chokers, Vernon Tonges and Jason D. Williams). The tracks were mastered specially to create a fine unity of all the selections as though all were performed in the same place on one day. Created and developed by his admirers and fans, this is an album to be played over and over, a time to be immersed in the world of Hi Fi Snock. As Little Sue, one of the contributors to the Snockument LP says, “Hurley songs exist on another plane, a whole world that you are instantly transported to whether you are listening to his records, watching him live, listening to someone else cover them, or playing his songs yourself!”


  1. Sweet Lucy – Cass McCombs & Steve Gunn
  2. Somebody To Say Bye Bye To – Little Sue
  3. The Werewolf – Cat Power
  4. Watertrain – The Chicken Chokers
  5. Hog of the Forsaken (instr) – dbh
  6. O My Stars – The Hackles
  7. I Still Could Not Forget You Then – Vernon Tonges
  8. The Rue Of Ruby Whores – Calexico
  9. Portland Water – Jason D. Williams
  10. Polynesia #1 – Yo La Tengo