Napoli Segreta Volume 2

Vinyl LP

After Nu Guinea's album, Nuova Napoli,  and the first Napoli Segreta compilation, NG Records follows up with an exploration into the unknown groovy side of Naples by releasing Napoli Segreta Volume 2. Famiglia Discocristiana, DNApoli, and Nu Guinea team up again selecting more tracks from their archives, for a new compilation containing nine mysterious Neapolitan tracks, found in the most hidden corners of remote flea markets around the Vesuvius. But forget classical Neapolitan songs, "'O Sole Mio" or "Luna Rossa"... Forget about what you expect to find once you land in town... oh, and also forget about Google maps. Take a dodgy local guide, keep your eyes open, and follow it to enter the secret downtown, the underground, the routes that no satellite can detect, but beware there is no easy way out. Napoli Segreta Volume 2 is a musical journey into the sonic landscapes of Naples that you have never heard of before. A variety of genres merging soul, disco, funk, blues, new wave, Afrobeat, and boogie, including lyrics in Neapolitan urban slang, instrumental tracks with progressive flavor, and also some unexpected covers. Features Antonio Sorrentino, Tonica & Dominante, Gibo & Pummarola Band, Ara Macao, Tony Verde, Maria Kelly, Bernardino, Armando Cusopoli, and Tony Iglio.


2. Antonio Sorrentino - Luna Lù 
3. Tonica & Dominante - Babilonia 
4. Gibo & Pummarola Band - Sexy Pummarola
5. Ara Macao - Reflection 
6. Tony Verde - Calypso 
7. Maria Kelly - Dimme 
8. Bernardino - Sciummo (Unreleased mix)
9. Armando Cusopoli - Non C'è Sole 
10. Tony Iglio - Luci A New York