Jazz Behind The Dikes Vol. 3 (1979-81)

Vinyl LP (Blue)

Jazz Behind the Dikes Vol 3 is the third and final installment in the Jazz Behind The Dikes series, which highlights some of the greatest Dutch jazzmen under ideal conditions: in their own combo's and playing the music of their own choice in complete freedom.


1. Wessel Ilcken All Stars - the Goofer
2. The Frans Elsen Quartet - Sem
3. The Pim Jacobs Three - Just a Kickshaw
4. The Tony Vos Quartet - Like Someone in Love
5. The Stido Almstrom Sextet - Queen
6. The Rob Madna Trio - First Fig
7. The Stido Almstrom Sextet - Meditation
8. The Pim Jacobs Three - Lady Bird
9. The Tony Vos Quartet - Lady Elisabeth
10. The Frans Elsen Quartet - Don't Get Sad
11. The Rob Madna Trio - the Teacher
12. The Wessel Ilcken Allstars - Jeepers Creepers