Introducing Arch Hill

Arch Hill


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Introducing Arch Hill Recordings' continues the tradition of independent New Zealand music with substance. Central to this are innovation, good ideas and good songs. The music is produced with the idea that it is something more meaningful and uplifting than success, recognition or the mundane trappings of everyday business. All these factors add to the flourishing tradition of New Zealand independent music, where, as always, the most exciting music is coming from the margins.
Arch Hill Recordings is a label that was formed in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1998. This compilation features artists who are on that label, as well as some friends producing music we like. So far we have released material by Pine, Lanky, Fang and David Mulcahy. There are many more plans and we hope this is just the beginning....

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Introducing Arch Hill
Label: Arch Hill Recordings
Catalog Number: AHR006
Formats: CD
Year: 2001

Track List:
  1. My Imagined Nursery- Plasticene
  2. Make Way For The King - Pine
  3. Famous For Being Famous - Fang
  4. Under The Pines - Lanky
  5. Computer Love -Plasticene
  6. Disphoria - Fang
  7. Speeding - Pine
  8. Creep Around The House - Ben & Greta
  9. Cotton Candy - The Brunettes
  10. Voodoo -Lanky
  11. Too Far Gone - David Mulcahy
  12. Just Yesterday We Were Not Born - Dirt