Getting Older 1981-1991

Flying Nun

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Rather than a label sampler 'Getting Older' was released as a ten year retrospective in 1991 (one of the defining periods for Flying Nun) and contains a bunch of wonderful songs from those, who by this time, had become identified with Flying Nun and its unique sound. Containing acts such as The Clean, Headless Chickens, Chris Knox, Tall Dwarfs, The Gordons, Verlaines, The Chills, The Bats, Look Blue Go Purple, Shayne Carter and Straitjacket Fits.‚A perfect taster and great insight into the early years of the label.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Getting Older 1981-1991
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1991
Cat #: FN209
Format: Digital

Track List:

  1. The Clean - Getting Older
  2. Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies - Randolph's Going Home
  3. The Stones - Something New
  4. Headless Chickens - Totalling Dad's Car
  5. Tall Dwarfs - Crush
  6. The Gordons - Adults And Children
  7. The Verlaines - Pyromaniac
  8. The Chills - Rolling Moon
  9. Bird Nest Roys - Alien
  10. The Terminals - Batwing
  11. Goblin Mix - Travelling Grave
  12. Able Tasmans - Sour Queen
  13. The Bats - Candidate
  14. Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway
  15. Stephen - Don't Know Why
  16. Straitjacket Fits - Dialling A Prayer
  17. Snapper - Buddy
  18. Bailterspace - Skin
  19. Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Elemental
  20. Chris Knox - Not Given Lightly