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VAGUESS (pronounced “Vegas”) is the moniker of rock and roll nobody Vinny Vaguess. It’s a band that’s bound to elicit a lot of those “Crossed With” declarations. Like, “Man, they sound like The Seeds…crossed with The Reatards,” or “Dude, they’re basically The Mummies…crossed with The Vibrators,” but let’s just put all that bullshit to bed and get down to why Vinny Vaguess’ songs have people reaching for their garage rock thesauruses. Since self-releasing a cassette called Back Off Warchild in 2012 (complete with a killer Xeroxed Swayze on the cover) and playing a triple- digit number of shows around the greater Los Angeles area, VAGUESS has tapped into punk rock at its most elemental: fiery riffs, wiry attitude, and raw power with a prankster’s sneer.

Even underneath the muffling hum of a Tascam four-track recorder, the rhythm section is a rolling thunderhead and the firecracker riffs smoke. The Bodhi Collection compiles the snottiest, loudest gems from Vinny’s cassettes, all perversely remastered so that we don’t get sued for frying your stereo. Even though these two-minute nuggets are caked with bonehead ‘tude and crackling distortion, Vinny’s no slouch when it comes to songwriting and recording. The wobbly synthesizers on “My Dead Friends” recall Lyres and Lost Sounds or maybe ? & the Mysterians, while the quite lovely slide guitar in the chaos of “(You’re) Only Happy When You Bleed” is straight off a Davie Allan & the Arrows LP. Slammed to tape in overnight sessions at the warehouse where Vinny works, these twenty dispatches from the Los Angeles underground are chock full of piss (really, there’s a song called “Sinkpisser”) and lighter fluid. Strike the match!

1 My Dead Friends
2 Cherry Flavored Chunks
3 Danny's Park
4 Drift Brain
5 Party Gurlz
6 Sleep Creep
7 Company Ink
8 F Is For Fashion
9 Sink Pisser
10 Television Dreams
11 (Should've) Died Young
12 I'm Gonna Stab Myself
13 Blaze It
14 I Hate Rock N Roll
15 The Great Indoors
16 Summer Cold
17 (You're) Only Happy When You Bleed
18 I'm Bad
19 China Beach
20 Imaginary Girlfriends