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Melbourne jangle-meisters Twerps grow up on their self-titled debut album, tapping into an Australian pop timelessness that is deep and resonant. Tracks like Through The Day and first single Dreamin contain instantly recognisably Twerps elements: the fascination with New Zealand's 1980s Flying Nun era, as well as US bands like the Feelies and Galaxie 500. But they also contain a kind of Australian pop timelessness that harks back to the Go-Betweens, Paul Kelly and the Sunnyboys. This is something new for the band, and it's deep and resonant.After this album was released in 2011, Twerps had releases on US labels like Underwater Peoples, Group Tightener and Night People, before signing to Merge Records for second album Range Anxiety in 2015.


  1. Dreamin
  2. Don't Be Surprised
  3. This Guy
  4. Who Are You
  5. Peculiar
  6. Jam Song
  7. Anything New
  8. Bring Me Down
  9. Grow Old
  10. Through The Day
  11. Coast To Coast