Double Bind


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Trust Punks’ new album, Double Bind, aggressively consolidates their strengths as one of the most exhilarating young acts out there - blisteringly sharp, smart and spry. From the cold water surf of surging opener “Paradise/Angel-wire”, the band is on a tear through an Australasia that’s a precarious and nasty place for the young and the restless. Whether they’re adopting the snarling id of suburban nationalists, or casting a harsh eye on the American way of life, incarceration and death (as on the incongruously sprightly ‘Good Luck With That’) theirs is a serving of wit and fury in equal measure.

They’re also willing to turn the gaze on themselves, as bitter, discordant exorcisms give way to an unbearable sweetness. The stridency of Double Bind’s opening 1-2 leads into the poignant jolt of “The Reservoir”, as Alexander Grant pleads, “I’m not bold enough”. On “Riding It Out”, Joseph Thomas grips crippling depression by the horns and rides it over a grinding Krautrock beat. Grant’s see-sawing melodies and Thomas’s belting rasp are Double Bind’s yin and yang – each a reminder of the challenging terrain post-punk was meant to stake out.


  1. Paradise/angel-wire
  2. Good Luck With That
  3. The Reservoir
  4. Half The Way Down
  5. Double Bind
  6. Leaving Room For The Lord
  7. Pig
  8. Lawrence
  9. Riding It Out
  10. Beneath The Commons
  11. Bank Of God