Fast Stories ... From Kid Coma (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

Twenty five years ago today Truly's critically acclaimed debut album Fast Stories... from Kid Coma was released on June, 20,1995 as a 13 track album. To celebrate the 25th anniversary a newly remastered 14 song version will be made available here for a limited time, this time in it's entirety. This version includes Aliens On Alcohol, which was omitted from the original release due to the manufacturers inability in the mid-90's to guarantee the quality of a C.D. that ran beyond 72 minutes. It is a corner stone of this thematic and conceptual album which makes this the first time that the complete 77 minute version has been made available to the public other than Sub Pop's limited edition of 1000 copies double vinyl version which sold out in under two weeks at the time it was released.

The remastered 14 track version of Kid Coma will be released in the Fall on double gatefold vinyl. There will be U.S. version on Flotation Records in Detroit and also a European version on Off The Record in the Netherlands. Pre-order links for both labels edition will be made available sometime this summer.


  1. Blue Flame Ford 
  2. Four Girls 
  3. If You Don't Let It Die 
  4. Hot Summer 1991 
  5. Blue Lights 
  6. Leslie's Coughing Up Blood 
  7. Hurricane Dance 
  8. Angelhead 
  9. Tragic Telepathic (Soul Slasher) 
  10. Aliens On Alcohol 
  11. Virtually 
  12. So Strange 
  13. Strangling 
  14. Chlorine