Flying Nun

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As Tall Dwarfs EPs goes, this is one of the better, more crazed ones. "Waltz of the Good Husband" in particular is one of their most darkly inventive tunes, matching a creepy, almost experimental rock arrangment to lyrics of (one hopes/presumes) satirically gross first-person male chauvinism. All six of the cuts are available as bonus tracks on the CD of their 1992 album, Fork Songs.- All Music Guide

Artist: Tall Dwarfs
Title: Dogma
Label:‚Flying Nun Records
Year: 1987
Cat #: FN098
Formats: Digital
Recorded: Nightshift Studios

Band Members: Chris Knox, Alec Bathgate


  1. Lurline Bayliss
  2. Waltz of the Good Husband
  3. The Slide
  4. Cant
  5. Dog
  6. Missed Again