To Throw Away Unopened

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Viv Albertine has always been obsessed with the truth: the truth about family, power, and her identity as a rebel and outsider. But at what cost? In this gaping wound of a memoir, she excavates the fear, loneliness, and anger that always lie beneath. With the brutal honesty that made Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys so unique she relentlessly exposes human dysfunctionality: the impossibility intimacy, and the damage wrought upon us by secrets and revelations, siblings and parents. 

Yet this is also a testament to how we can rebuild ourselves and face the world again. It is a portrait of the love stories that constitute a life, bringing as much joy as pain. Written with Albertine's unique vulnerability and intelligence, To Throw Away Unopened smashes through propriety, and leads us towards self-discovery.

Published 3/04/2018
Format Paperback
Length 292 pages