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Despite being a band since 2011 Threat.Meet.Protocol have always managed to remain in the shadow of their own shadow. As their peers and contemporaries careers excelled their own stalled under a series of self inflicted and comically timed misfires. Now in the midst of a worldwide pandemic they embark on perhaps their poorest planned venture yet with the self release and subsequent New Zealand Tour of The Witch Trials.

Though repeatedly warned about the high cost of vinyl, their lack of popularity and the current tumultuous touring climate Threat.Meet.Protocol have stubbornly elected to leave their longtime label Muzai to self release some songs no one really wanted and definitely didn't ask for as a 7" vinyl. 'The Witch Trials' recorded and engineered by drummer Evan Pope at Tauranga's Studio 11B consists of two cuts of classic Protocol: The Witch Trials and Why. It's a true double B-side! While we would like to say that their sound has developed and evolved since their last collection of songs 'Where Did You Put My Marbles?' was released in 2018 if anything they have just moved laterally by ripping of Faith No More and Fugazi instead of the Birthday Party and Die!Die!Die!.

Released in a not so limited run of 150 7" vinyl - presuming of course that they even arrive in time for the October 12th release date and subsequent NZ tour. Typically Ol' Threat sent off to get them manufactured in a country where production has completely ceased due to Covid 19 to save a few $. Honestly it's a mystery as to how on earth this band has managed to make it this long...