Their Body


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Ritual Howls are a unique brand of industrial rock with jangle-like guitars. Collaboratively, Ritual Howls create a surreal, introspective gloom that could fuel a disco in hell, a soundtrack to your favorite nightmares and most grisly fantasies.

The trio consists of Detroit's Paul Bancell (vocals/guitars), Ben Saginaw (bass) and Chris Samuels (Synths, Samples, Drum Machines). They collect samples of the physical world and feed them with guitar, vox, bass, synth and drum machines to create an aura of darkness over a pop sensibility. Paul Bancell provides lyrics that Poe or Lovecraft would approve of while Chris Samuels and Ben Saginaw sculpt sounds that bring his macabre tales lurching into the world of the living.

The band’s Their Body EP follows up their third album, Into The Water, released a little over a year ago on Felte. Ritual Howls’ production sees the band dipping their toes into cleaner sonic territory than previously heard. Lead single “This Is Transcendence,” may be their most “pop” song to date. And lyrically, it’s as straightforward as we’ve heard from Paul Bancell. “Perfume” could have the most terrifying opening synth line that Samuels' has ever created. “Blood Red Moon” is reminiscent of signature Ritual Howls with Bancell’s guitar leading while drum machine rhythms keep the industrial feel intact and Saginaw’s low end thickens the intensity throughout.

While we wait for another full-length, Ritual Howls continue to impress and build upon an eclectic sound that seems to have never-ending possibilities.

released September 22, 2017