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Songs For Emily Valentine - Flying Out


Songs For Emily Valentine

Powertool Records

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The Puddle have been around in one form or another since 1983, with singer/songwriter/guitarist George D. Henderson at the helm for the duration. Musicians who've passed through the Puddle ranks include Shayne Carter, Lesley Paris, Peter Gutteridge (Snapper). Celia Patel (aka Celia Mancini, of King Loser) sings backing vocals on a number of tracks here on Puddle's 'lost album', originally recorded in 1992 but not released at the time as the band broke up.

Now Powertool Records have come to the rescue to show it the light of day. The music is lively alt-pop - it has been described as 'psych-pop' - and the standard bass/drums/guitar set-up is augmented by a range of instruments such as viola, glockenspiel, saxophone and keyboards. Samples from political speeches and rugby matches add further dimensions. The recording is relatively lo-fi but the songs shine, including the Puddle classic Southern Man, alongside other gems such as Lucky All The Time, Mamelons d'Amadou and You Are A Animal. Henderson is more than capable of crafting a fine pop tune



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