Secret Holiday / Victory Blues

Fishrider Records

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The 7th album by New Zealand underground psych-pop legends The Puddle. With their 1986-93 Flying Nun Records catalogue long out of print and a decade lost in the mist The Puddle have been making up for lost time in spectacular fashion with now 4 acclaimed albums on Fishrider Records since 2007."Secret Holiday"and"Victory Blues"are two 5-song EPs recorded in separate sessions at the Auckland Warehouse Studio of the legendary Bob Frisbee (Shaft, Street Chant, Transistors etc.). Rather than release two EPs, The Puddle have decided to combine them as one album, with each EP taking up one side of the vinyl LP edition.

Artist: The Puddle
Title: Secret Holiday/Victory Blues
Label:Fishrider Records
Year: 2012
Cat #: FISH007
Formats: LP + CD


  1. Decline to Fall
  2. Secret Holiday
  3. Didn't Even Notice You Were Gone
  4. The Vitalist
  5. Hydrogen 6
  6. Tender Validation
  7. Victory
  8. Oh Hayley (You're Right)
  9. Little Red Coat
  10. Walrus Arabia