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1st (Second) Lo-fi Record - Flying Out


1st (Second) Lo-fi Record

Powertool Records

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The Psychic Maps are a deliberately confusing entity helmed by Simon Maclaren (of Love's Ugly Children, Sleepers Union and the Subliminals) over the last three and a bit years. You might call it a collective or a series of bands - and bands within bands. If you caught the P-Mapz in Dunedin over the last year, you might have seen Chris Heazlewood, Peter Gutteridge or Bob Cardy in the never-repeating stage line up, playing what you might refer to as 'the Dunedin sound' . If you caught them in 2012 you would have seen a three-piece '90s' 'sonic-pop' style band based in Wellington. Earlier than that you might have seen them with luminaries such as Lucy Hunter (Opposite Sex) and Jeff Harford (Bored Games) in the band. And before that it mighta just been in somebody‚√≥¬ªs lounge with Geordie Frame and a set of broken bongos. No matter, the band actually does have an identity, its just hard to pin down, and all the better for it.

The CD is a mixed-up grab-bag of lo-fi moments in time that have been arduously overdubbed or just plainly thrown together to create a listening experience in the 'Tall Dwarfs - Darcy Clay-Guided By Voices' bedroom bandroom sphere of things. A compilation made from four track, tape recorder and mini-disk field recordings, covering three years of genre shifts (DUB, KRAUT, pSYCH, folK etc) at 20 songs in 35 minutes, its a dense and exciting small thing in itself, and well worth checking out. ‚

Artist: The Psychic Maps
Title:‚1st (Second) Lo-fi Record
Label: Powertool Records
Cat #:

Track List:
  1. The Funeral Factory
  2. Magnetic Waves
  3. The Past Is Still Happening
  4. Walking With You
  5. My Immaculate Swan
  6. Waxeyes
  7. Everyday‚i eat the bread of love
  8. Theres a squall when we speak
  9. Billy Mitchell Eyes
  10. Drunk Tick Check
  11. F-Sharp
  12. Heavy-Soul
  13. Its like we can never escape
  14. 3 Minutes (dubbed)
  15. Wear yr Shoes
  16. Wax (version)
  17. Incoming Message from the giant‚Head
  18. Heartbeat in a hard Place
  19. Hey there, Baby Jane
  20. Jesus loved his Mother Mary (and the prostitute Mary too)



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