Thewisermiserdemelda (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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Medway garage band the Prisoners are loved by a legion of fans, including quite a few who went on to be in successful bands themselves. Those who saw them live speak in reverential terms, yet they never sold records in large amounts and their gigs, whilst packed, were almost always in small venues.

Thewisermiserdemelza” – an excellent embodiment of their British R&B-influenced sound – falls into an odd place in their career. They often professed to be unhappy with the album, yet their first-generation fans cherish it, particularly songs such as ‘Hurricane’. It was recorded in 1983 for Ace Records’ Big Beat label and produced by Phil Chevron – a new experience for the band, who self-released their first album, “A Taste Of Pink”.

1. Go Go
2. Hurricane
3. Somewhere
4. Think Of Me
5. Love Me Lies
6. Tonight
7. Here Come The Misunderstood
8. The Dream Is Gone
9. For Now And Forever
10. Unbeliever
11. Far Away
12. Go Go

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